Critical Raw Materials Closed Loop Recovery is to invest in trials to demonstrate innovative new methods for the collection and reprocessing of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) leading to increased recovery of target critical raw materials.



The aims of the trials is to challenge current WEEE collection mechanisms and test opportunities for increased recovery of target materials graphite, cobalt, antimony, tantalum, rare earths, silver, gold and platinum group metals.

Trials will focus on the collection of Display, ICT, Consumer Electronics and small household appliances as these are rich in the target materials for recovery.

Proposals should delivered in Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Who Should Apply?

The tender will be open to all organisations who can demonstrate expertise in the collection and recovery of WEEE materials.  It will be essential that any activity delivered under this project operates within the relevant legal framework with appropriate licenses and/or exemptions in place.  Proposals are welcome from individual organisations or consortia.


The provisional timetable for this process is as follows:
• Procurement open November 2016
• Commencement of work: February 2017
• Completion of work: Friday 1 June 2018

How to Apply?

Check back here at the beginning of October for further details.

How do I Find Partners?

A closed LinkedIn group has been created as a forum to help find organisations who you may wish to partner with to make a collaborative submission.  Join the group here.