Project Outputs

The project will produce a variety of reports that will be made available at the end of the project, these include:

Trial Evaluations (Quarter 4 2018)

Collection and recovery trial evaluation with economic assessments of each trail. The evaluation aims to identify design criteria to optimise recovery of critical raw materials from selected product groups and demonstrate the potential for resource savings.

Policy and Infrastructure Recommendations (Quarter 1 2019)

Recommendations will be given for national and EU policy options focusing on how and where the outcomes of the trials can be rapidly implemented across Europe. This will provide a clear pathway to achieve the 5% material capture improvement goal from this project by 2020.

Infrastructure development recommendations will also be developed which will outline the required collection and recovery infrastructure necessary to secure resources and improve value creation in the participating nations and at EU level.

These are now available by following the links below:

Pan-European Policy Recommendations

Pan-European Infrastructure Development

Critical Raw Material European WEEE Flows Model

A model developed to support the development of EU policy options. The model will assist in the development of EU policy options and infrastructure needed to increase the collection of WEEE and improved recovery of WEEE critical raw materials.

Layman’s report and case studies (Quarter 4 2018)

The Layman’s report will present the project, its objectives, actions and results in an open, accessible and visually attractive format to a general public and will be published at project end. Accompanying the report will be a series of short, accessible case studies on best practice and guidance to demonstrate business benefits from increased raw material recovery.


Visit our project news page for updates on when these reports have been completed and will be made available here.

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