Case Studies

Collection, Creativity & Collaboration – A Route to WEEE Reuse


Each year millions of tonnes of WEEE is generated in the EU, but only 30% is reported as properly collected and recycled. The Critical Raw Materials Closed Loop Recovery Project aims to increase the recovery of target CRMs by 5% by 2020 and by 20% by 2030.

With this in mind the project has invested in trials exploring novel ways of boosting the collection and recovery of critical raw materials (CRMs) from household waste electrical and electronic products (WEEE).

Held across the UK, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic, the collection trials mechanisms included retailer take-back schemes; reuse containers at household waste recycling centres, business collections, university drop-off hubs, school collections and other collection events.

A series of short, accessible case studies on best practice and guidance to demonstrate business benefits from increased raw material recovery are available below.


Schools and parents join forces

Take Back and Incentivised Return Trials in Northern England

Three ways to get great WEEE recycling results 

Recovering value from circuit boards

Collect more, collect better

Working towards a second life for Critical Raw Materials in Italy – Precious metals, batteries and flat panel displays

Working towards a second life for Critical Raw Materials in Germany

Testing separation techniques to recover value from circuit boards

CRM Recovery Trial in the Czech Republic

WEEE Collection and CRM Recovery Trials Across Europe