Trial Host: Ecodom

Trial Partners: AMSA, STENA, ENEA, SEVAL, Institut für Materialprüfung Glörfeld GmbH

Target Products: display equipment, ICT, consumer electronics, small household appliances

Target CRMs: Graphite, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold, silver

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Collection Activity 1 – Collections in public squares

When: Sep 2016 – Dec 2016, May 2017-Jun 2017

Where: 5 public squares across Milan (Italy)

What: A large blue collection container is sited in a series of public squares across Milan on 4 consecutive Sundays in each square (21 Sundays in total).  The containers are manned and extensive communication campaigns are carried out in the local area before the events. Wider communications are carried out via social media, local radio and local television.


Collection Activity 2 – School and Community Collection Day

When: Feb 2017

Where: Comano School, Milan (Italy)

What: Two collection days run in Comano School. The first is just for students of the school and follows engagement sessions with students. The second day is open to the local community to donate electricals too.


Collection Activity 3 – Collection in two COOP Grocery Stores

When: Jun 2017- Dec 2017

Where: 2 Grocery Stores located in Via Gozzoli and Via Palmanova, Milan (Italy)

What:  Ecodom have developed the design for the new WEEE bring banks: 2 units which will be placed indoors, in 2 Coop Grocery Stores. They will be collected every 1 or 2 weeks.   Communication activities have been organised in order to increase collection activities.


Any display screens collected are tested by ENEA to establish the re-use potential of these devices. Products ready for market at the end of the trial will be made available for events and dissemination activities.


Recovery Activity 1 – maximising recovery from existing processes

When: Oct 2017 – Apr 2018

Where: Angiari (Italy)

What: The collected WEEE will be sorted, separated and pre-processed into CRM-rich and non-CRM-rich fractions. These fractions will be passed through STENA’s existing precious metal recovery process and the CRM levels assessed to determine if the method of collection and levels of sorting lead to an overall increase in CRM capture and a CRM recovery.



Recovery Activity 2 – Recovery of CRMs from rechargeable batteries

When: Oct 2017 – Apr 2018

Where: Colico (Italy)

What: Laboratory scale process to extract graphite and cobalt from rechargeable batteries.  Anodic and cathodic parts are separated and thermally treated then treated to form a solution from which extract CRMs.