Trial Host: Asekol

Trial Partners: Green Solution, Enviropol

Target Products: ICT, consumer electronics, small household appliances

Target CRMs: Rare Earth Metals, Platinum Group Metals, Gold, Silver (Copper and Aluminium – not CRMs)

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Collection Activity – mobile collection units in areas not suited to permanent collection containers

When: Mar 2017 – Jul 2017

Where: Prague (Czech Republic)

What: Mobile collection units that accept textiles and WEEE are placed in specific areas of Prague for a 24 hour period. They are located in areas of Prague that are unable to site permanent, stationary collection units due to the historic beauty and importance of the surroundings. The locations of these collections are advertised via posters, social media and news reports.



Recovery Activity – optimising concentrations of CRM

When: Oct 2017 – May 2018

Where: Jihlava (Czech Republic)

What: Non-reusable WEEE will be processed on a small WEEE processing line. Processes include, but are not limited to, crushing, magnetic separation, electrostatic separation and sensor separation of metals. The three fractions from the WEEE processing which have the highest concentrations of CRM will be identified and then further refined to increase the CRM content of these fractions.